Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sucked into the Land of Giants

I sit here

Me and Dillinger

We're both pretty sad

I'm watching him because Ricky went to go see Trish in Brooklyn

He misses Ricky

I've sunken deep into a chair that used to be mine

Smoking dry flakes

The black rectangle

The missing front to an empty drawer

A part of the world that doesn't quite fit

Like those robot lights at the Rail

Systematically shucking and jiving

Like a futuristic exterminator shooting invisible lasers

It commands attention

This booming black rectangle

It holds all of my fears, the hotlink to my stowed pricklers

A window to the unknown

It sucks me in

It becomes whatever is on the tip of my mind's tongue




Ants and Giants

Giants walk around and spit on gatherings of the small things

The tiny people try to swim out of the plasmic jelly

They struggle until it's over and the giant thinks nothing of it

Like tearing a leaf or smoothing out an ant hill

Everything is something else's god